What Makes Us Different?

Açılım developed quickly, establishing itself as a creditable, trustworthy and exceptionally capable company in short order.

  • We always complete projects on time, and in most cases even earlier than the excepted, with exceeding requisite quality standards.
  • We have the financial resources and creditability to run mega-size projects smoothly, sometimes with the help of third parties and experts at the forefronts of their fields.
  • We stay on the cutting edge of latest technologies on local and global levels, keeping ourselves one step ahead of the competition.
  • Our executive staff and team have expansive, diverse backgrounds in the construction sector.
  • We have strong relationships with government representatives at home and abroad.
  • Our team approach sector monitoring in an innovative way, adopting the latest strategies and business practices whenever possible.
  • We prioritize customer satisfaction, working to ensure that all employees have the training and know-how required to pursue standard principles of customer satisfaction.
  • We, as a decent follower of human rights, promote higher living standards and better quality of life and contribute to a range of social sectors, specifically the arts, culture and sports.